What is AAA Gas Calculator?


AAA Gas Calculator is better known as AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. AAA Gas Calculator is the product of AAA that stands for American Automobile Association Incorporation. In the words of a layman AAA Gas Calculator is primarily used to calculate the amount and cost of gasoline that will be required to complete an individual’s vacation trip.

Determine Cost of Fuel

The AAA Gas Calculator helps determine the cost of fuel that will be incurred on a particular trip. This is a sophisticated tool that gives instant results by simply plugging in the starting point, destination and type of car. This AAA Gas Calculator allows individuals to budget for the amount of fuel that will be required on a long-distance journey. A large number of individuals in the United States of America are believed to make use of this tool since the prices of gasoline are constantly on the rise.

Using AAA Gas Calculator

It is absolutely easy for an individual to use the AAA Gas Calculator. To begin with an individual needs to choose the miles and kilometers that are essential for calculating the distance. Once this is done the next step is to choose the starting point with the help of the map provided. After the starting point is chosen the individual needs to look for the destination and click on it.

Once both these items are inserted the distance between the two locations is automatically displayed. On receiving this an individual needs to enter one’s average travel speed in order to obtain the approximate travel time. This needs to followed by inserting the fuel mileage of the vehicle used by that person along with the current price of fuel. This is the last step in the process which eventually helps one derive the expected fuel cost for the trip.

Estimate the Accurate Cost

Depending on the accuracy of the inserted information one can get an estimate of the fuel cost that will be incurred on a trip. One highlight feature of this AAA Gas Calculator is that it not just provides you with a one-way fuel cost estimate but also makes the round-trip fuel cost available to you. One limitation of the AAA Gas Calculator is that it allows you to derive the fuel cost only if you are travelling between major metropolitan destinations. However this can be taken care of by adding certain estimated extra costs to the fuel cost that is derived with the help of the AAA Gas Calculator.

Make Effective Travel Decisions with AAA Gas Calculator


Talking about travel or vacations at large the primary concern for every individual is the cost involved in driving to a particular location incase one chooses to drive, the decision related to which can now be made absolutely easy and convenient with the help of AAA Gas Calculator.

Helping in Predeciding the Travel Cost

The AAA Gas Calculator helps individuals to calculate fuel prices between two locations that eventually helps them decide whether or not driving to a particular location is economically feasible. One constraint with the AAA Gas Calculator is that it allows individuals to calculate fuel prices only between two metropolitan areas. In case of non-metropolitan areas an additional fuel cost needs to added to the fuel cost derived using the AAA Gas Calculator. The accuracy of the fuel costs incurred depends upon how apt is the information that is provided during the calculation process.

It would not be wrong to state that AAA Gas Calculator plays an essential role in making appropriate travel decisions. A large number of individuals today are seen using this particular online tool before making travel or driving decisions especially for long trips.

Features of the AAA Gas Calculator

The AAA Gas Calculator is a widely used online tool that helps individuals derive the approximate fuel costs between two locations. On a broad level, this particular AAA Gas Calculator assists individuals in calculating various parameters of a journey that include distance involved in the travel, fuel consumption, fuel cost and travel time to list down a few elements. This AAA Gas Calculator not just helps individuals to derive to the estimated fuel money but also gives a peek-a-boo into the toll fees.

In order to get complete information on the AAA Gas Calculator or its other related services and resources individuals can approach their local AAA club.

AAA Gas Calculator Website

The AAA Gas Calculator website helps one to get the latest highway fuel economy ratings along with the current gas prices for the regions one is concernced with from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency for one’s vehicle’s average mileage per gallon. With the help of the AAA Gas Calculator individuals can compare between the fuel costs incurred on travel with the air fare between two same locations that will eventually help them make an economically feasible decision.

Individuals who were hoping to find a tool that helps derive a near accurate fuel cost that will be incurred on travel between two locations are completely satisfied with the AAA Gas Calculator.